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skrev Glenn L. Austin:

>Just because it is called "sleep" in the ESCP, doesn't mean that it really
>is sleep.  My Windows laptop uses "Suspend" to mean "save memory and power
>down."  The easiest way to tell if it is truly sleeping or is powered off is
>to look at the power button on the front of the G4.  If it is "throbbing,"
>it is asleep.  If it is not on, power to the machine is off.

The power button is throbbing, i.e. according to your own 
terminology, the computer is sleeping, which is what I said all the 
time. 'Save and shutdown' doesn't seem to be available anywhere, 
because when I installed a plain new MacOS 9 on my G4 and set it to 
'Save and sleep' in the ESCP it behaved exactly like it does now, 
i.e. the button is 'throbbing'. AFAIK, 'save and shutdown' isn't 
supported in software by Apple yet although the MB does have the 

Now the only sleep the ESCP does support in MacOS 9.0.4, is more like 
'resting' since the fan and hard drive still are running (the real 
sleep options are greyed out). However, if you choose 'sleep' (which 
I doubt is dangerous since the option is there and it does work. 
Apple should have disabled it if it caused troubles) from the Finder 
the computer actually sleeps with a 'throbbing' power button so back 
to my original question: how do you generate administrative network 
activity to _wake_ up (_not_ switch on a shut down computer) a G4?

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