>OnStream is a spin off from Philips Electronics.
>You can find out about their drives and ADR technology from:

OK, so the tapes are called ADR. I downloaded the whitepapers and will take
a look...

The reason I ask is that I haven't seen them around in any catalogue from
all the large mailorder companies and there have been no disussion (or
little???) regarding this technology on this list... That makes me a little
sceptic, though the price / data seemed really interresting.

The disscussion: Either no-one are using them or there are loads of
OnStream/ADR users on this list and no-one is ever encounter any
problems... ;-)

Back-up is important stuff and if stuffes are cheap a good solution will
turn to a poor in no time... VXA seemed interresting as well.


/ jakob

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