Retrospect for Mac OS and Windows actually use their own custom drivers,
built right into the software.

On the Mac, we write pretty much the only drivers available for tape drives.
With Windows, Retrospect does not require (or use) the manufacturer's or
Microsoft's driver -- we support the device directly.

As always, a complete list of supported devices is available on the Dantz

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Grisham) wrote:

> The drivers are available, at least for the smaller model, mhich comes
> bundled with retrospect. Our press has one connected to a G4.

> Stephen Jones said, in a previous message:
>> Last I heard, the drivers were not available for the Mac.  It's not a very
>> popular format for the PC either.  I would definitely recommend VXA over
>> Onstream if you're addressing smaller backup needs (<20GB).

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