>I recently set up a backup server for a friend with a small network.
>There is no internet access device on the network; instead 2 macs (one
>pbook, one iMac) dial in thru built-in modems. I created a new TCP/IP
>configuration (w/static addresses) for ethernet so that Retrospect could
>backup via TCP/IP, and it all works. But it created a clunky scenario
>for the 2 internet macs, where the users have to switch TCP/IP
>configurations constantly (one for ethernet, one for PPP/internet).
>Now they're telling me that ever since I did the setup, the powerbook
>dials the internet once an hour. Is this because the retrospect client
>is forcing a network lookup? Is there anything I should have done

In TCP/IP, is Load Only When Needed checked? You'll have to be in the 
Advanced User Mode or Admin to see this option, it's under the 
Options button you'll see once that's setup.

I'll leave it to the Dantz folks to respond to the Retrospect end. :)

Julia Frizzell
"Insert pithy quote here."

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