>so I should uncheck this pref in Remote Access? or will that cause some
>other internet problems?
>  >
>>  It is probably also set to allow TCP/IP applications to initiate a
>>  connection in:
>  > Remote Access control panel:Options:Protocol:Connect Automatically
>  > when starting TCP/IP applications

Unchecking "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications" 
will force the user to initiate a PPP/ARAP connection by selecting 
"Connect" in the Remote Access control panel. What will be lost is 
the ability to connect by simply launching a web browser, email 
client, etc. I have disabled this on all our laptops and no one has 
complained or for that matter even noticed. This may require 
educating your users to connect via the RA control panel but will 
spare them the frustration of their laptops constantly dialing out. 
This will have no effect on TCP/IP connectivity via ethernet.

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