At 9:38 AM -0500 29/6/00, Jon Gardner wrote:
>>  This seems to be curing the symptom, not the route cause of the
>>  problem. Why are they trying to dial out, there must be a reason?
>>  This is not normal Mac behaviour, WiNT maybe, but not Mac. Find out
>>  what is causing them to attempt the connection.
>On the contrary; it is absolutely normal behavior for any computer that uses
>TCP/IP services as part of the core OS. The majority of new Macs being sold
>are being connected to the Internet, and Apple has taken full advantage of
>this fact in the feature set of the Mac OS. If the Mac is set to use a
>network time server, check for software updates, or do any of a myriad of
>other built-in Internet-based activities, then it will try to establish a
>connection. That's exactly why the Remote Access setup has the option to
>force a manual connection.

Yes, but that's not what I meant. You have actually told the OS (or 
its components) to do something that requires a connection. If you 
don't ask it to do those things it will not connect. My Macs do NOT 
connect except when I know something is asking for the connection. 
They NEVER connect all by themselves for no reason. WiNT on the other 
hand has a reputation for making spurious connections when no 
application is asking for one.

If you turn off the 'connect when needed' function, the user has to 
connect just to let the Mac set its clock (as in your example). If 
you don't want the user to have to do this, stop the Mac from trying 
to set the time from the Internet, rather than make the user do 
manual connections just to avoid this.

Anyway, these PowerBooks can be set up so that they do not keep 
connecting as seems to be the problem, yet will connect when needed 
without the user having to start the connection process. Making the 
user do extra work because the Mac is not well set up is not ideal 


Ken  G i l l e t t

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