pardon for butting in,

We are also running an Appleshare server and Retrospect on the same machine - the 
advantage to this is the higher datarate from backing up local drives than backing up 
over the network.

Apppleshare 5.0.3, Retrospect 4.2 on a Powermac 8500/150 w/256 Meg. RAM; Micronet 
DD7000 Raid; 40Meg of RAM are reserved for applications, Retrospect is set to use 
10Meg. of RAM.  Retrospect is also backing up aprox. 25 network clients.  Backup 
hardware is a Sony DDS-3 tape changer on a seperate SCSI bus from the Datadock.

This configuration has been very stable for us.

>I have the Retrospect app on our other Mac server which has the same
>setting up just a different RAID. I have to do this until I get this
>solved, or I would have two computers crashing after each backup. I have
>switch the app and the remote client on the two server and I get the
>same problem on which ever is remotely backed up. Down graded both to
>8500 isn't a very good solution.
>It's good to hear that you are doing this without problems.  What model
>is your server? What type of internal HD do you have? I am using a first
>generation blue and white G3 with the Ultra wide 9 GB internal HD I also
>have a MicroNet Data Dock 7000 and a MicroNet Genesis RAID, each is on
>separate servers.
>Rhona Cash
>Macintosh Systems Administrator
>Gear For Sports, Inc.
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