Phillip and Rhona said:

>We are also running an Appleshare server and Retrospect on the same machine -


>This configuration has been very stable for us.

I can think of a number of extremely good reasons not to run Retrospect on a 

1 - you can't work on fine-tuning the setup without prejudicing the server
2 - the server is less stable
3 - you can't easily rename removeable media for use by the backup

You wouldn't use a fileserver to burn CDs, so why use it to copy data for a backup?

Until you've been in the position of losing the entire contents of a client's 
fileserver, just because Retrospect was on that machine **, you won't appreciate what 
a bad idea it is. I now won't work on backup systems on servers, and would never 
recommend a server hosts backup or even removebale media drives.


** This was not a Retrospect problem; the file server drive had been formatted with 
Hammer Utilities, and had erroneously been setup as being a removeable media drive 
rather than a fixed hard drive. Whilst testing the backup, the fileserver volume then 
appeared as a target volume to backup to - and the inevitable happened.

The file server volume was selected as the target drive, the backup was started, and 
the drive was wiped clean.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime situation. But, of course, once is enough.

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