> And in case you're wondering who turned on that 'temp memory' setting when
> you didn't even know it existed - Apparently the 'temp memory' setting was
> recommended a couple of versions ago; since then it has become preferable to
> leave it off. If you upgraded your copy of Retrospect from an earlier
> version this pref may have persisted. A little relic from the days of the
> Apple Workgroup Server 95, when A/UX still walked the earth ....

Actually, this isn't quite right. Retrospect for the Mac uses temp memory by
default. It's perfectly acceptable to leverage unused system memory in this
fashion (though very few programs do), and it's the best way for Retrospect
to have access to the memory it needs on-the-fly, without permanently using
up that vital system resource.

The easiest way to prevent Retrospect from using temp system memory is to
assign it more than 8,192 K in the Finder.

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

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