I was looking into purchasing Retrospect Server to back up our 
collection of NT servers, but there are two concerns. I have seen the 
Exchange agent which allows backup of an always running Exchange server, 
but I saw nothing in the way of IIS. We recently had to restore our IIS 4 
server, which was quite a pain since the native IIS backup took literally 
hours to restore. Does there exist a tool, or is there a plan to make a 
tool with similar function to the Exchange server agent, but for IIS? If 
not, does anyone have any strategies for backing up an IIS server?
    The other issue was SQL. I noticed that the SQL agent was "being worked 
on". I was just wondering if there was any more detail released about that, 
like an ETA or a plan for release.
    Retrospect otherwise looks like an excellent product, and I'm quite 
pleased with the trial version I downloaded. Even if these problems can't 
be worked around, we'll probably purchase Retrospect for the rest of the 
    Thanks for your time and suggestions..

--Doug Clements

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