I've got the Sony DDS4 with an APS enclosure. Ever since Dantz updated their
drivers (shortly after the 4.2 update) all has been good.

No drive or tape related failures or hiccups of any kind. I have also been
using the odd DDS3 tape occasionally without problems too.

Steve Rothman wrote:

> Can anyone who's been using DDS-4 with a Mac for Retrospect Network
> backup comment about reliability and maintenance?
> Years ago I used to use DDS-2 (H-P) and go really fed up with tape
> heads that got dirty after minimal use, excessive cleaning
> requirements, complicated and ever-changing instructions regarding
> which brand tapes to use, alignment etc.
> So, I bought DVD-RAM instead, which after 18 months has been 100%
> reliable - never a media problem, never a file that couldn't be read,
> PERFECT. Unfortunately, DVD-RAM is just too small of an online
> capacity (2.6GB) and due to Retro's limitations on non-tape drives
> simply adding a DVD-RAM drive or two doesn't really serve to increase
> online capacity, if you use verification during the backup. (Also
> DVD-RAM's media cost is at least double than tape.)
> Sooo.... I'm back in the market for a tape drive, and my number 1
> priority is reliability and maintenance requirements. Any reports
> from DDS-4 users greatly appreciated...

Nick Scalise

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