I can't advise as to windows backups, but the website is probably
seriously clogged with us Mac users.  Dantz just released a very long
awaited upgrade for the Mac.  One thing to look into is Ghost by
Symantec.  Its not really backup software perse, but it allows you to
make an exact image of your disk or disk partition.  I do a lot
development on Windows and I've managed to utterly destroy my system
several times.  Having that image to bring me back up has saved my
butt.  Like I said, its not a backup system, but its mucho handy.

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Julia Frizzell wrote:

> I was trying to get to the Dantz site this afternoon and was 
> surprised to find an error message:
> >403.9 Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected
> >
> >Due to heavy traffic generated by the announcement of the new 
> >Retrospect update, the Web server is busy and cannot process your 
> >request. Please try to connect again later.
> >
> >Thank you for your patience.
> What update is this? I can't even get there to figure out if I need 
> it or not! :)
> I was trying to go to find out if Retrospect would be cost-effective 
> for me to get for my home network setup. I run two Windows desktops, 
> and my husband has a Mac desktop and a PowerBook. We use Retrospect 
> for Mac here at work, so I don't know a lot about it for Windows.
> I have a CD-RW attached to one of my Windows boxes (the one that runs 
> Win98 IP Connection Sharing for the rest of the 'puters, it's got the 
> cable modem connection) and was thinking about trying to get some 
> version of Retrospect for workgroups(?) to back up everything to the 
> CD-RW.
> So, I'll turn here instead of the website. What should I get, esp. if 
> I add another windows laptop and/or G4 into the mix (just call us 
> well-connected geeks who (lately) play Diablo II too much)?
> Thanks in advance, folks!
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