Hi all,

Can anyone who's been using DDS-4 with a Mac for Retrospect Network 
backup comment about reliability and maintenance?

Years ago I used to use DDS-2 (H-P) and go really fed up with tape 
heads that got dirty after minimal use, excessive cleaning 
requirements, complicated and ever-changing instructions regarding 
which brand tapes to use, alignment etc.

So, I bought DVD-RAM instead, which after 18 months has been 100% 
reliable - never a media problem, never a file that couldn't be read, 
PERFECT. Unfortunately, DVD-RAM is just too small of an online 
capacity (2.6GB) and due to Retro's limitations on non-tape drives 
simply adding a DVD-RAM drive or two doesn't really serve to increase 
online capacity, if you use verification during the backup. (Also 
DVD-RAM's media cost is at least double than tape.)

Sooo.... I'm back in the market for a tape drive, and my number 1 
priority is reliability and maintenance requirements. Any reports 
from DDS-4 users greatly appreciated...


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