At 6:33 PM -0400 07/18/2000, Steve Rothman wrote:
>Can anyone who's been using DDS-4 with a Mac for Retrospect Network 
>backup comment about reliability and maintenance?

The only problem I've had with our Sony DAT10000 DDS-4 SkyData drive 
seems to have been resolved by replacing the Atto ExpressPCI card 
with an Adaptec 2940U2B model.

Reports indicate that all is now running excellently on a beige Power 
Macintosh G3, Mac OS 8.6 and Retrospect 4.2 (with updated driver 
v1.9). Haven't used this combination much for network backups yet, as 
I'm still pondering the Retrospect 4.3 update.

Stephen K. Suh

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