This is driving me crazy!

In a nutshell, I have a Retrospect 5.1 Client that refuses to be seen by the
backup server. Here are the details of the setup:

Server is Win2K Server running Retrospect Server 5.1. 256Mb RAM, VXA-1 tape.
Works fine with 5 other NT and 98 Clients.

Bad Client is also Win2K Server with 5.1 Client. Status window shows
"waiting for activation". Client has two NICs one on backup server subnet,
another with only printers. Matt at Dantz suggested a registry hack to bind
Client explicitly to correct NIC - didn't work. Both backup client and
backup server communicate fine via Windows - even Retrospect can see shared
volumes on bad client via Win, but not via Retrospect Client. Direct connect
thru switch between machines - no router or firewall. Attempts to connect
manually via Advanced dialog on server results in -541 error (client not

What the devil is going on here? Anyone have any ideas?



Gowan Fenley
PVI Productions

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