At 10:49 AM -0400 7/28/00, Gowan Fenley wrote:
>Nope. TCP/IP is the only protocol on the LAN. (NetBEUI=slow painful death)
>Any other ideas?
>Chris said:
>Just curious...can you ping the client from the backup server?  If NetBEUI
>or another protocol is installed on both machines, it is possible to
>communicate via the Network Neighborhood but not with Retrospect since it
>only uses TCP/IP.  If pinging fails, I would think that either TCP/IP is
>corrupted or not configured properly on one/both of the machines.

I know this is kinda odd, but have you tried taking out the network 
card with the printers on it, and seeing if you can get Retrospect to 
work then? Once it's done, reinstall the second card, and see if it 
still works.

Last resort thing, I know, but it might be a good final attempt.

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