Actually, this is the latest route suggested by Matt. I am reluctant to take
such extreme measures as blowing away an entire subnet so far. That sort of
work would have to be after hours, and this, after all an evaluation of
Retrospect to see if it warrants purchase.

The "Macintosh centric" feel of the product has begun to concern me. While I
certainly have no bias against Apple (we were once an Apple shop before
moving to NT), I hope Dantz is not struggling with a lack of depth of
experience with NT/Win2K as compared to other vendors with a more well
defined Wintel heritage...


Julia said:
I know this is kinda odd, but have you tried taking out the network
card with the printers on it, and seeing if you can get Retrospect to
work then? Once it's done, reinstall the second card, and see if it
still works.

Last resort thing, I know, but it might be a good final attempt.

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