>The "Macintosh centric" feel of the product has begun to concern me. While I
>certainly have no bias against Apple (we were once an Apple shop before
>moving to NT), I hope Dantz is not struggling with a lack of depth of
>experience with NT/Win2K as compared to other vendors with a more well
>defined Wintel heritage...

Dantz may not have had a Windows server until recently, but they have 
had a Windows Retrospect client for a long time. Years ago I had 
terrible problems backing up a Windows NT 3.5.1 server, and Dantz 
technical support were very helpful. Despite Retrospect being the 
only application affected, I eventually identified a hardware 
problem. Windows NT 3.5 experience suggests a reasonable Wintel 
heritage. :-)

So a personal vote of confidence from years of backing up Windows and 
Macintosh clients: I have complete confidence in the Retrospect 
software and in Dantz technical support, for both Windows and 

>1. Does anyone have the Retrospect CLIENT running successfully on a
>Win2k SERVER?


My only problem was that when the Windows 2000 server was first set 
up, the TCP/IP protocol was binding to a second ethernet card with no 
ethernet attached. Walking through a Dantz trouble-shooting guide 
helped me to resolve the problem.

>2. Does anyone have the Retrospect Client working on a dual-homed machine?

Not at the moment, but our previous Windows NT 3.5.1 server acted as 
a gateway between two ethernet segments and was backed up using 
Retrospect client. (Which might or might not be dual-homed, excuse my 
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