In the spirit of avoiding misconceptions or (horrors) platform flame wars,
perhaps I should back up a little and introduce myself.

I am a principal and primary IS resource in a Web development company that
hosts over 100 domains for B2B clients primarily in service industries.
While I do not hold any certifications (not only are they not necessary,
since I have no one to impress, but I believe these certificates are grossly
overpriced), I do have 15 years experience in technical support with minis,
mainframes, PCs and Macs.

I regularly work with a variety of O/S, with a current focus on NT/Win2K and
some Linux. All this is to say that I have no particular loyalty to any
software publisher, preferring to select the best product currently
available to meet the demands of the application at hand. Retrospect is
being evaluated under exactly these guidelines, and it makes no difference
to me whether it was originally developed for the Palm Pilot or TRS-80 as
long as the product does what I need it to do and is backed by sufficient

So back to the task at hand: Yes, I have verified that all TCP/IP services
are running on the offending client. I know of no way to check the
Retrospect client software other than to check the client status panel
itself, which says it is awaiting the Server's first access. If any one has
any ideas here short of dropping a scanner in the line and examining packets
I'd like to hear it. Given the limits of my small test LAN, here are some
pointed questions for the group:

1. Does anyone have the Retrospect CLIENT running successfully on a Win2k
2. Does anyone have the Retrospect Client working on a dual-homed machine?
3. Are there any known cases of Retrospect Client having port conflicts with
other TCP/IP services?

Thanks everybody for your help! Next time you are configuring a secondary
DNS server on the other side of NAT firewall maybe I can return the favor...


Glenn said:
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...Given the ease that Microsoft leads people down the primrose path to
destruction, by allowing configurations that "work" (kind of) has led to a
very large consultant base supporting Microsoft products....

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