on 7/30/00 5:36 PM, Michael Scheurer at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

> on 31/7/00 10:03 AM, John Gee  wrote:
>> I get about the same number of miscompare errors as with the previous
>> version, and they all make sense. (e.g. Files which are in use by
>> running applications like email clients which haven't been shut down.)
> The files in question are on a NT volume which is used as a repository by
> our retouching dept. They never open files from the server, I fail to see
> how these files can be flagged as busy.

What are the exact errors in question? Copy and paste the log and send it to
the list. There is no way to know what the errors you are getting are about
if people don't know the EXACT error in question.

Error messages and numbers will be helpful in figuring out your problem.
Otherwise, people are just going to guess.

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