You might want to go over the "bindlistener" registry edit again to make
sure you've done it correctly:

Stop the Client service from the Services control panel.

>From the Start menu, choose Run and type "Regedit" (no quotes).
Open the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Dantz\Retrospect Client\5.0, and
highlight the 5.0 folder. You should see a "BindListener" value set to 

If the TCP/IP interface you want has a static address, change the
BindListener value to that address.

If the TCP/IP interface you want to use has a dynamic address, set the
BindListener value to the network portion of your IP address. For example,
if the current IP address is with subnet mask,

Start the Client service from the Services control panel.

If you're running 2000, this should work. Have you tried uninstalling the
Retrospect Client, then reinstalling it? What version are you running?
Ensure you're running the 5.1 client, as we made significant changes to
bindlistener with that version.

Beyond that, there are several things you can try, one of which is what
Julia has suggested. There's currently not a better way to force the client
to bind to a particular address. We hope to make significant changes to the
Windows client to make this much easier in the future. The following
suggestions are for Windows NT, but obviously apply to 2000 as well:

1.    Open the Network control panel and click Bindings. Then set the
pull-down menu to display bindings for all protocols and double-click the
TCP/IP Protocol to see the bindings listed below it. Highlight the desired
binding and click the move up/move down buttons to set the desired order.
Your desired Ethernet card should be at the top of the list.

2.    Uninstall the Ethernet card you do not want the client to use.
Restart. Check that the client is binding to the right adapter. Reinstall
the removed card. Make sure the Retrospect client is still binding to the
correct card.

3.    Try putting the desired Ethernet card into a different slot in the


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

> From: "Gowan Fenley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 11:15:15 -0400
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> Subject: RE: Stubbornly Invisible Client!
> Actually, this is the latest route suggested by Matt. I am reluctant to take
> such extreme measures as blowing away an entire subnet so far. That sort of
> work would have to be after hours, and this, after all an evaluation of
> Retrospect to see if it warrants purchase.
> The "Macintosh centric" feel of the product has begun to concern me. While I
> certainly have no bias against Apple (we were once an Apple shop before
> moving to NT), I hope Dantz is not struggling with a lack of depth of
> experience with NT/Win2K as compared to other vendors with a more well
> defined Wintel heritage...
> -Gowan
> Julia said:
> I know this is kinda odd, but have you tried taking out the network
> card with the printers on it, and seeing if you can get Retrospect to
> work then? Once it's done, reinstall the second card, and see if it
> still works.
> Last resort thing, I know, but it might be a good final attempt.
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