In response to my rhetorical query, Eric said:

...The architecture of Retrospect for Windows is NOT a port of the Mac
it has been completely redesigned from the ground up...What would a "defined
Wintel heritage" have given us?...

Point taken. I definitely agree that Incremental-Plus is an improvement over
legacy-think approaches to network backup. My concern had to do with tech
support, given the majority of posts to this list seem to relate to the
Apple platform. Obviously Dantz's ability to suggest a solution to my
problem (thanks Matt!), demonstrates positive proof in your potential to
support NT/2K customers.

However, I do believe we would be better served to make either a newsgroup
or support Web board to make this sort of information more accessible. My
problem is solved, but it took several days, and what about the next new
customer who has the same situation?  A digest version of the listserve is
available, but it is not easily searchable and plagued with HTML codes. Just
my $.02

Kudos on Eric's responsiveness and candor in addressing (not flaming) my


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