At 13:54 +1000 7/31/00, Michael Scheurer wrote:
>on 31/7/00 1:45 PM, Pat Lee  wrote:
> > What are the exact errors in question? Copy and paste the log and 
>send it to
> > the list. There is no way to know what the errors you are getting are about
> > if people don't know the EXACT error in question.
> >
> > Error messages and numbers will be helpful in figuring out your problem.
> > Otherwise, people are just going to guess.
>I've sent a portion to Matthew, however here's a snippet:
>Miscompare at data offset 9,099,563 for file
>They are all the same, except for the data offset changing number. No other
>error messages though.

Hi Michael,

Do you get errors on some of the same files from session to session or does
it seem to be a random selection?  Does there seem to be any relationship
between sessions?

Just a random thought....

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