I'm having trouble backing up to my (Fantom FireWire)Plextor 8/4/32A
recently supported through 4.3. It seems that after most clients are backed
up and after the compare I get the following error. If I run the same script
again it will zip through the same place fine and move on the the next

-    08/06/2000 5:39:33 AM: Copying Tang HD on Dr. Bott Server
    08/06/2000 5:41:36 AM: Comparing Tang HD on Dr. Bott Server
        Trouble reading: ≥20-Total Backup≤ (639893504), error 100 (device
rejected command).
    08/06/2000 5:42:05 AM: Execution incomplete

So the two questions are....

Can I be sure of the integrity of my backup? and...  What can I do to solve

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