You can always ensure the readability of your backup sets by running a
verify. This is not the same as compare, but it reads back all of your files
from your discs and makes sure they are all readable and therefore
retrievable. This is under Tools>Verify.

Error 100 occurs because there was a problem communicating with your backup
drive. You should try a different brand of disc (if this has happened with
more than one disc). Also, make sure electromagnetic interference isn't
causing this--place the drive well away from any others for a test. Also
make sure Toast is up-to-date--4.1 is required. Other than that, you can try
disabling all inits except the base Mac OS set plus Toast 4.1 extensions and
the Retrospect SDAP Support extension.

If you still have problems, please call us directly. Our technical support
number is 925.253.3050, and we're open Monday through Thursday 9 to 4
Pacific Time, Friday 9 to 2:30.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

> From: Eric Prentice <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Reply-To: "retro-talk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 05:55:16 -0700
> To: retro-talk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: error 100 (device rejected command).
> I'm having trouble backing up to my (Fantom FireWire)Plextor 8/4/32A
> recently supported through 4.3. It seems that after most clients are backed
> up and after the compare I get the following error. If I run the same script
> again it will zip through the same place fine and move on the the next
> volume.
> -    08/06/2000 5:39:33 AM: Copying Tang HD on Dr. Bott Server
> 08/06/2000 5:41:36 AM: Comparing Tang HD on Dr. Bott Server
> Trouble reading: ≥20-Total Backup≤ (639893504), error 100 (device
> rejected command).
> 08/06/2000 5:42:05 AM: Execution incomplete
> So the two questions are....
> Can I be sure of the integrity of my backup? and...  What can I do to solve
> this?
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