>> (The only single-tape solution
>> in my price range is VXA, which sounds very nice, but there is NO WAY
>> I will go with a new, single-vendor solution...)
>You really have to look at risk vs. cost in this case. You can get into a
>VXA drive with a few tapes for $600-$700 and have an immediate 33-66Gb
>single-tape backup capacity. You'll pay about twice that much for a DDS
>equivalent, and more for anything else.

That would be great in many situations.  In my particular case, I 
need to specify everything I need for a two year time span (which in 
my case means two drives plus all tapes and cleaning tapes, etc.) on 
a single purchase order.

It looks to me, for my particular requirements, including the two 
drives, required tapes, etc. that VXA is about halfway between DDS-2 
and DDS-4 in price. If I was judging this purely on price & specs, 
I'd go for the VXA, because of the promised reliability and only 
needing a single tape/backup.

But in my particular situation, I cannot tolerate the risk that my 
VXA drives may go bad a year from now and that no one besides Ecrix 
could fix/replace them.  How can I predict the responsiveness of the 
Ecrix repair department over the years to come? Also, when my two 
year supply of tapes is up, in mid-2002, will VXA tapes be readily 
accessible and reasonably priced? Perhaps, perhaps not...

I know, for a fact, that there will be multiple sources to 
repair/replace DDS-3 drives over the next 2 - 3 year, and that DDS-3 
media will be available from multiple vendors over the next 2 - 3 

If I was looking basically 6 months ahead, or more of a gambler, I 
would probably buy Ecrix anyway. It sounds like a great drive and I 
wish them luck!

But I'm not a gambler, I'm a corporate clone that will have an angry 
boss if my backup strategy fails in a year or so because I picked a 
brand-new, single-source mechanism/media vendor that my boss never 
heard of...


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