Steve said:

...Your promotional drive prices are very nice. The "External Retrospect
Bundle" for $750...

If you are interested in the Server product, this might not be the best buy.
Forgoing the desktop Retrospect version in the bundle and buying the Server
version outright from at $430 is a better deal than the bundle and
upgrading to the Server version for $398.

....In the real world, my backup set is going to be some arbitrary size...

Actually, there are three different VXA tape capacities. Look here:

Absolutely the media price could be a lot better! Here is where I hope to
see major improvement as media makers see a large enough market to make it
worthwhile to manufacture. Of course I am assuming here that Ecrix has not
patented the physical tape cart or taken other steps to enforce a media
monopoly (Geoff?) I for one would sure love to see ZIP cartridge pricing on
VXA tapes!!! Of course I was paying more than thirty bucks a tape for the
(awful) Travan drive we once used...


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