I added cost/GB numbers to the end of this nice chart, hope my math is ok.

It looks like the media cost of VXA is about in the middle -- not 
great, not a bargain.

DDS-3, which happens to be the format I am comparing to VXA, is tied 
to be the second cheapest - the only format cheaper is the only one 
on the list I never heard of...

And remember, the cost/GB is basically a "best case" figure, if you 
don't always use the full capacity of a tape. Large capacity is very 
convenient, but smaller capacity is often a much better deal.

For many scenarios the media price is insignificant, there are a ton 
of different considerations when picking out a backup system. But if 
anyone is cost conscious, and will be using a lot of media, they 
should really do some calculations before picking a system.


>Larry Acosta Wong posted this very nice chart to this list about two weeks
>ago, and I hope he won't mind me reposting it here again. His VXA media cost
>is from his reseller, who is selling for less than we do on our website.
>                                               MEDIA
>---------------------------------------        PRICE/GB
>Exabyte M2: 60GB,  12MB/s, $3777 ($80 media)    $1.33
>Sony AIT-2: 50GB,   6MB/s, $3289 ($94 media)     1.88
>DLT 8000  : 40GB,   6MB/s, $3915 ($64 media)     1.60
>Sony AIT-1: 35GB,   3MB/s, $1913 ($88 media)     2.51
>VXA-1     : 33GB,   3MB/s,  $939 ($67 media)     1.91
>DDS-4     : 20GB,   3MB/s, $1072 ($33 media)     1.65
>Mammoth   : 20GB,   3MB/s, $2126 ($56 media)     2.80
>DLT 4000  : 20GB, 1.5MB/s, $1352 ($64 media)     3.20
>Mammoth-LT: 14GB,   2MB/s, $1193 ($35 media)     2.50
>DDS-3     : 12GB,   1MB/s,  $777 ($16 media)     1.33
>Eliant 820:  7GB,   1MB/s, $1160 ( $8 media)     1.14
>DDS-2     :  4GB, .51MB/s,  $606 ( $7 media)     1.75
>-Native capacity listed, compressed capacity is typically 50% more
>-Sustained transfer rate listed
>-Cost is based on internal model with wide SCSI connector (if available)
>-VXA-1 tape drive is even cheaper through Ecrix July promo ($539)
>-Media listed is highest capacity format in single packs

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