Error 519 (network communication failed)

There's been some talk of this recently but as my backup server was 
out of action it went over my head. Now I have the problem:-(

Backup server is a 8100/80 with OS 9.0.4 and Retrospect 4.2 with not 
much else. Clients are a G3 and a WiNTel with clients 4.2 and 5.0 
respectively, connected via a 10baset hub and no other machines 
running on the LAN so the traffic is ALL Retrospect.

Although I initially connected to both clients, when running the 
backup server script the G3 backup failed on all 3 drives with the 
above error - it never got as far as the WiNTel and now Retrospect 
cannot communicate with either client. I've quit and restarted and 
Retrospect refuses to see the clients, yet I can ping the 8100.

After restarting the whole Mac Retrospect can communicate with its 
clients again, but it loses them again before it can complete a 
backup and this is for both Mac and NT. The only successful backup is 
the local desktop of the server itself.

What was the cause of the 519 error reported recently? Why does 
Retrospect seem to have such trouble with the network?

Also, what is Retrospect doing when the backup server is running, 
it's polling the clients and after the "matching x of x sessions" 
dialog it waits for about a minute before the backup countdown dialog 
appears on the client? The network and HD are both quiet, so what's 
it doing?


Ken  G i l l e t t

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