Steve said:

...In my particular case, I need to specify everything I need for a two year
time span (which in
my case means two drives plus all tapes and cleaning tapes, etc.) on a
single purchase order.

... I cannot tolerate the risk that my VXA drives may go bad a year from now
and that no one besides Ecrix could fix/replace them. ...will have an angry
boss if my backup strategy fails  because I picked a brand-new,
single-source mechanism/media vendor that my boss never
heard of...

Yes, I see your point here. Of course any drive vendor can go out of
business, but with a non-proprietary standard you could replace
(expensively) the entire unit. This is a good question to ask Ecrix - what
are their plans for licensing or otherwise expanding the VXA format to widen
the market?

Perhaps Mr. Rainville would care to comment?


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