I'll happily comment, but non-specifically, unfortunately.

The basic business plan for Ecrix absolutely calls for widening the market
with OEM and licensed deals. Where are we with that? I'm honestly not sure
(I do web promotions and sales...which reminds me of our
promotion...sorry..force of habit).

I'm hearing good things in the hallways, lots of enthusiasm and optimism,
lots of conversations, but just a few press releases so far. We've done
deals so far with TapeLabs, Qualstar, and Quadratec, plus a few that didn't
get publicly announced.

There's a start-up catch twenty-two in effect here: it's much easier to work
with the IBM's, etc., once you have a large market share, but it's tough to
get market share unless you're dealing with the IBM's...as Steve pointed out
very precisely.

But that said, the fact that Kelly and Juan have done this before
successfully, and the fact that they hired a pretty fantastic team to help
them do it again bodes very well.

--Geoff Rainville, Ecrix.

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Steve said:

...In my particular case, I need to specify everything I need for a two year
time span (which in
my case means two drives plus all tapes and cleaning tapes, etc.) on a
single purchase order.

... I cannot tolerate the risk that my VXA drives may go bad a year from now
and that no one besides Ecrix could fix/replace them. ...will have an angry
boss if my backup strategy fails  because I picked a brand-new,
single-source mechanism/media vendor that my boss never
heard of...

Yes, I see your point here. Of course any drive vendor can go out of
business, but with a non-proprietary standard you could replace
(expensively) the entire unit. This is a good question to ask Ecrix - what
are their plans for licensing or otherwise expanding the VXA format to widen
the market?

Perhaps Mr. Rainville would care to comment?


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