There's no native linux Retrospect client, but I use Retrospect to backup 
tar archives of my linux machines. I smbmount a share on the NT server 
running Retrospect, and backup stuff to there using tar, which gets backed 
up via script by Retrospect. To restore, you have to recover the tar file 
from backup, reinstall linux and untar the tar file over the entire disk. 
It's pretty easy if you're familiar with linux, but it can take a long time.


At 10:31 AM 8/9/2000, you wrote:
>OK, the Hardware Compatibility List says "All HP DAT Drives" for both Mac 
>and Windows, but THEN goes on to enumerate a bunch of HP DAT Drives.
>Is it safe to still say "any HP DAT Drive", or is it just the enumerated 
>HP DAT Drives that are acceptable?
>Secondly, is anyone using Retrospect to back up Linux boxen also on their 
>network? (and more importantly have such backups been successful and 
>easily restored?)

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