Though I'm new to this list, I've been using many flavors of Retrospect for
a long time but have never encountered the problem I'm having now.

I've got Retrospect 5.11 installed on an NT Workstation machine (sp 6a) and
Retrospect client (most recent version downloaded from the Dantz web site
yesterday) on an NT Server (sp 5) file server (all Intel-based logic
boards).  We have a 10Base-T network which runs great in every respect.
I've been using this basic configuration for a long time but recently, the
parallel port on the machine running Retrospect took a dirt nap.  No
problem, I thought, I can install this HP Colorado Travan External 8MB
(parallel port connect) tape drive on another machine and just run the
backup from there.  Well, now, whenever we try to backup the NT Server,
Retrospect on the workstation freezes up at varying points in the backup.
Many times, I get a communication error (I believe it's -102). Other times,
Retrospect just hangs and the drive ceases all activity.  My only choice at
that point is to bring up the task manager and force the task to end.

I've updated all appropriate drivers and respective Retrospect products on
all machines and rebooted them all.  No go.

I realize that 'communication error' is supposed to indicate a disconnect
between the backup machine and the backup device but backups from a Mac
running Retrospect client to this same machine and drive succeeds just fine.
Admittedly, the backup on the Mac side is far smaller than the one on the NT
Server but still...

Anyone experienced this before?  I swear I have but I can't remember for the
life of me how we got it solved.  We've been running with this configuration
successfully for over a year.  All machines seem to be in tip-top shape.
The NT Server runs like a champ 24/7.

Thanks in advance for any help...I'm anxious to stop this file-transfer type
manual backup.


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