Yes, you could share out /. Make sure you don't backup the /dev directory, 
though. You then also run into potential security problems with sharing the 
entire disk. Restoring this way would also lose permissions and ownership, 
making it (unfortunately) useless for unix :/

What don't you like about my way of creating a tar file on a mounted NT 
share? It seems to work rather well, and makes for an easy recovery.

I'll second a linux client, but don't forget the other unixes! We use 
OpenBSD here, and a backup solution that worked natively with Retrospect 
would be nice. Also, don't fall into the trap where RedHat = linux. RPMs 
aren't everyone's friends :)

Maybe Dantz could release the specs for the client, and let someone else 
code it.. Just thoughts..


At 11:07 AM 8/9/2000, you wrote:
>Couldn't you, in theory, just share out "/" as an appletalk/smb share 
>(platform-dependent), and tell Retrospect to back up that network share?
>Then, in theory, if you had to restore it, you reinstall, share it out and 
>let it dump it back out on the share.  The only potential problem I could 
>see there is that ownership/permissions might not survive (which would, 
>indeed, suck).
>I'm not a big fan of the method you're describing, but if the 
>permissions/ownership problem exists, its the only currently existing way 
>of dealing with it.
>(Of course, if anyone from Dantz is listening, a Linux client would be 
>At 10:55 AM -0700 8/9/00, Doug Clements wrote:
>>There's no native linux Retrospect client, but I use Retrospect to backup 
>>tar archives of my linux machines. I smbmount a share on the NT server 
>>running Retrospect, and backup stuff to there using tar, which gets 
>>backed up via script by Retrospect. To restore, you have to recover the 
>>tar file from backup, reinstall linux and untar the tar file over the 
>>entire disk. It's pretty easy if you're familiar with linux, but it can 
>>take a long time.

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