At 12:42 PM -0700 8/9/00, Doug Clements wrote:
>Yes, you could share out /. Make sure you don't backup the /dev 
>directory, though. You then also run into potential security 
>problems with sharing the entire disk. Restoring this way would also 
>lose permissions and ownership, making it (unfortunately) useless 
>for unix :/

Agreed on all counts.

>What don't you like about my way of creating a tar file on a mounted 
>NT share? It seems to work rather well, and makes for an easy 

I recognize that it'll work great, I just prefer not to have to do 
the restore as a three-step process, (restore file, copy file, un-tar 
file), whereas having a linux client would be spiffier.. :)

>I'll second a linux client, but don't forget the other unixes! We 
>use OpenBSD here, and a backup solution that worked natively with 
>Retrospect would be nice. Also, don't fall into the trap where 
>RedHat = linux. RPMs aren't everyone's friends :)

Not at all. I can't remember the last time I used an RPM. ;-)   I 
think Linux would be a good first step though, making it easier to 
head towards the BSD's etc.

>Maybe Dantz could release the specs for the client, and let someone 
>else code it.. Just thoughts..

Indeed. I suspect there's some OSS coders out there who'd love to 
jump in and tinker with that. :)


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