Hopefully those questions won't be all too out of the way for now, please
tell tell if that's the case.

Has anyone had any experience with the Onstream tapes? I managed to convince
the people that we needed a backup system, and they're rather get a less
expensive drive. I know it's not always the brightest idea to try to save a
few bucks where backups are concerned, but I'd like to have more information
on there.

Did anyone ever created an applescript or something (we're on Macs here) to
receive mails about the status of the backups? That would make
administration a bit easier for us if it could do that, but I couldn't see
it in the documentation.

Also, is there any advantage of doing backups through an AppleTalk network
rather than a TCP/IP one, since the latter is usually faster?

Thanks for your help,

Francois Pepin

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