At 01:38 PM 8/9/2000, you wrote:
>At 12:42 PM -0700 8/9/00, Doug Clements wrote:
>>What don't you like about my way of creating a tar file on a mounted NT 
>>share? It seems to work rather well, and makes for an easy recovery.
>I recognize that it'll work great, I just prefer not to have to do the 
>restore as a three-step process, (restore file, copy file, un-tar file), 
>whereas having a linux client would be spiffier.. :)

 From what I've used of Retrospect, it's no more of a hassle.. We do 
nightly backups to disk on a backup machine, so the file is already there 
in case of disaster. So you reinstall linux, untar from the share, and reboot.

With NT, you gotta install NT, restore the backup, and reboot. Almost the 
same, 'cept linux installs faster than NT :)


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