>       I just got off the telephone with a client who was asking me 
>to upgrade their backup system. They are currently using retrospect 
>4.3 on a Mac IIsi via 10BT on a switched 10/100 ethernet (client 10, 
>servers 100)to their DDS3 tape drive. It seems that the IIsi is 
>dying rather quickly and they want to change the backup computer to 
>an old 6100 they have lying around.
>       The big question:
>What would give better performance, a G3 upgrade to the 6100 or a 
>100 base T card. I can only do one since the 6100 only has one slot.

Retrospect is not very processor dependant, but the 100BaseT 
connection might be.  Heh?

I think I would save the money and buy a good used PCI Mac. 
(7500/7600's make great backup servers).

The problem comes in that the SCSI on the 6100 is not all that fast 
either and a faster processor will do nothing to speed that up.  Then 
the bus speed would remain the same so the 100BaseT might not get the 
results you are looking for.

I'm guessing that on the IIsi they were getting around 10MB/Min 
average backup speed at best.  I would guess that even if you were 
able to put both the G3 card and the 100BaseT card in at the same 
time, the speed increase might take that to 15MB/min at best.

I've got a 7600/132 with a 10/100 card installed and get transfer 
rates right around 15MB/min.  The hold up here I believe is the tape 
drive because even a local backup of the 7600 does not do much better.

We have a fully switch 10/100 network.

Another backup system I have is a 9600/300 with 10/100 card and an 
Adaptec 29160U that runs a Quantum DLT drive.  I get transfer rates 
over the network that approach 100MB/min.  I think if I took the SCSI 
card and DLT drive and put it on the 7600/132, I really don't think I 
would see that much of a performance hit.


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