> > What would give better performance, a G3 upgrade to the 6100 or a 100
> > base T card. I can only do one since the 6100 only has one slot.

A 100 base T card in a NuBus adapter on a 6100 will only go about 4
times as fast as the 10baseT connection. The drivers, the bus, and the
6100 just aren't up to the card. These things were made back when hubs
came in 100 or 10 but not 10/100 and compatibility was needed. Now you
will get the same speed up on the network with the G3 upgrade (a stock
6100 doesn't fill up a 10baseT connection either) plus the computer will
be able to drive the tape drive at a much faster rate.

I've been both routes (well it was on a 7100) and the G3 is the way to go.

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