John Gee wrote:

> The restore can include surprising files. If Retrospect backed up a
> copy of the file from a different location or even from a different
> computer in the same backup set, it may offer to restore it to
> effectively multiple locations.
> I am not sure if this explains what you are seeing. Have you got a
> copy of agtman15.pdf in the folders that were backed up?

Why, yes, I do, John!  I didn't realize that, but your
question sent me checking, and sure enough, there's
an identical copy in the C:\Program Files\Agent folder,
which *is* one of the folders I specified in my
selector.  Both agtman15.pdf files have identical specs:

 File Name         Size        Modified
 ------------     ---------    ---------------
 agtman15.pdf     1,914,632    10-14-99  9:47p

So now I can see that Retrospect isn't doing something
totally spurious and arbitrary that I can't understand;
it's just doing something that seemingly it's *supposed*
to do, that I can't understand.

What's the "rule", the rationale, that Retrospect is
following here?

-- Steve

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