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> I'd go for a USB CD-RW drive. They're affordable, especially in the media
> department, offer plenty of capacity for one or two computers, and they're
> useful for storage other than just backup.
> Retrospect Express 4.3 supports the widest array of USB CD-RW drives, and it
> ships free with Sony's Spressa drives. In September, QPS will begin bundling
> Retrospect Express with all their storage devices.

I would second that suggestion, although I use the full version of
Retrospect (and have for several years with other media).

I'm currently using RW media for my backups -- they're a little more
expensive, but at the end of the backup period, I can reduce the backup
media usage by creating a new "only the latest versions" copy and put that
back on CD-R, freeing up the RW media for the next backup period.

Glenn L. Austin
Computer Wizard and Race Car Driver

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