>Either will probably cost more than the computer is worth. Set up the
>6100 as is to see where the bottleneck is. If it's the network, 10Base-T
>tops out at about 60-70 MB/min. througput. If you're not getting close to
>that (I think we averaged about 40 MB/min.

This is interesting to me.  I'm curious of what kind of speeds people 
are getting with their backups.

Checking my logs from last nights backups and I was getting 62MB/min.

My configuration is:

PowerMac 9600/G4-450 (upgrade)
Cisco Switched network.
Quantum DLT 7000

Using the built in 10BaseT    - 62MB/min
Using an Asante 10/100 at 100 - 112MB/min.

I know on the 6100 I used to use the backups were around 15Mb/Min, 
but that was also not on a switched network that had very high 
traffic at night due to various backups going on.

To think, I started doing backups almost 8 years ago using a Mac SE 
over LocalTalk and was very happy when I got 1MB/min out of them!!  I 
remember stuffing a 10BaseT card in that Mac SE and thinking the 
4-5MB/min was great!

1MB/min backing up 16GB of data....ack!!  Good thing at the time most 
computers only had a 40 or 80MB hard disk.  So total backup of all 
the Macs would fit on a 2GB DAT tape.

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