> So I got my VXA drive in one of those nice silent boxes. (Great Ecrix!!)
> I have an old PPC mac with the SCSI-1 card on the motherboard. I also have
> an external harddrive as I wish to keep on the computer...
> The VXA drive came with that new SCSI interface and before I go cable
> shopping, does it matter where on the SCSI chain the drive is located?
> computer -> VXA (ID 4) -> external HD (ID 5)
> Will that work? The internal cd is ID 3, right?
it doesn't matter other than performance. Your are better off throwing in
Adaptec 2940 card.  People on this list have shown the vxa drive on it's own
bus operate much much better! My two are on an Adaptec card in an upgraded
8500 (newertech G3) and it get about 160 meg/min across a 100baseT network.

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