I do it using Retro 4.3 on a bootable CD. I back up to a local tape drive,
but I do have AppleTalk on on the CD so backing up to a volume should work

Tim David wrote:

> Does anyone know if there is a way to run Retrospect from a CD?  What I mean
> by
> this is I want to boot the Mac from a CD, backup the hard drive to a remote
> volume (server) and then format the drive. when I try to launch Retrospect, it
> has problems running from a locked volume.  I have not tried the express
> version
> but I'm willing to get that if it will work.
> This is becoming more important to me as SCSI goes away. I used to do this by
> booting from a SCSI hard drive. I'm trying to put off buying a firewire or USB
> drive for this purpose but it may come to that.
> I'll be willing to try whatever you can send along.

Nick Scalise

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