Greetings all. This is probably too commercial of a message, but the list
was talking about it a couple of weeks ago.

Ecrix does now have a Firewire solution, and it is now on promotional
pricing, at $400 off list price.

This solution uses a SCSI-Firewire converter, just like some of you were
talking about a while back -- it's a pretty slick device. Speed is
outstanding, and may even be faster than a full SCSI connection (we're
sticking with same speed figures though).

NOTE: the VXA drive is specially configured for this device. A 'normal' VXA
will NOT work with the SCSI-Firewire converter. Something to do with
termination power. Let me know if you want more info on this.

VXA-1 Firewire Kit (30 day eval)  USD $849.00
$400 off MSRP, and no charge for 30 days. VXA-1 External Drive Kit with
SCSI-2 single-ended drive. Includes all external kit items -PLUS SCSI to
FireWire Converter; 3 ft. FireWire cable; 3 ft. 50pin to 25 pin SCSI cable.
Available in translucent only.
Must go to this url to get promo pricing:


--Geoff Rainville, Ecrix.

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