Our backup script in Retrospect ran beautifully for a month, but now fails every time. 
Here's the situation:

1. Two ASIP servers (G3, G4) plugged into same Asante dumb 10BT hub. Retrospect runs 
on the G3 w/SCSI card and APS DDS-3 tape backup. Apple System Profiler reports both 
servers running at 10Mbps, Half Duplex.
2. Backups of the local HD (G3) work fine, and there are never problems with the G3 
3. Backups of the G4 via Retrospect network client go part way, backing up some files, 
then fail as the G4 suddenly becomes mute and deaf. Retrospect does a "Net Retry," 
then aborts the backup when it fails to find the G4.
4. The G4 does not crash. MOSSA indicates it is still serving via Appletalk, TCP, etc. 
File server can be stopped, restarted via MOSSA; Mac OS Server Admin Agent can be 
quit, re-run; file server can be stopped, Appletalk turned off/on, file service 
restarted. Nevertheless, the G4 can no longer see anything on the network (via 
Chooser) nor be seen by anything on the network. Only a reboot of the machine restores 
network function.
5. Retrospect log reports "519" error for the G4 backup. From reading through the 
archives, I gather that I should be looking for flaws in the network hardware, but I 
don't really know where to start. Everything else about these servers is runnning just 
Andrew Tomlinson

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