>4. The G4 does not crash. MOSSA indicates it is still serving via 
>Appletalk, TCP, etc. File server can be stopped, restarted via MOSSA; Mac 
>OS Server Admin Agent can be quit, re-run; file server can be stopped, 
>Appletalk turned off/on, file service restarted. Nevertheless, the G4 can 
>no longer see anything on the network (via Chooser) nor be seen by 
>anything on the network. Only a reboot of the machine restores network 


Does it lose its senses at the same place/file each time?

Just out of curiosity...which G4 are you using? If it's a G4MP there are 
some known issues with the summer 2000 models dropping ethernet after 
running fine for a good while.

If it's not a summer model then you could do two things:
1) move the tape drive to the G4 and see what happens when you back up 
2) move the tape drive to some other machine (not an ASIP server) and see 
what happens with the G4 when you back it up (for that matter, back up 
the G3 ASIP server as a client and see what happens with it as well).

Maybe these results will help you narrow down where to look for the 



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