>5. Retrospect log reports "519" error for the G4 backup. From reading through the 
>archives, I gather that I should be looking for flaws in the network hardware, but I 
>don't really know where to start. Everything else about these servers is runnning 
>just fine.

This ties in with our experiences at one client. One machine in particular exhibits 
this behaviour, erroring out with a 519 at some point in the backup every time - but 
never the same point.

Some other machines do it occasionally, but this one is remarkably consistent. My 
hypothesis was that it was crashing - but the user reports no untoward behaviour 
whilst working on it.

Now I think it might be an OS-related TCP/IP deafness of a kind that has been 
affecting some people who post to the WebStar list.

It could of course be hardware - but what hardware breaks occasionally and then is 
fixed after a reboot? I think Dantz are right to say it is network, but I'd hazard a 
guess it is OS-related and just an effect that is brought on by the huge traffic a 
backup creates - similar to a hard-worked webserver?

This one will run and run - I'd be grateful for any and all feedback on this problem.

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