>Thanks for your reply. Why yes, I did order this G4 this summer. I'm 
>forgetting what "MP" stands for, though. At any rate, I'm curious as to 
>what the "known issues" you refer to are. I did read the Apple TIL #25147 
>on the Ethernet Update 1.0, which describes symptoms not quite like mine:


MP = Multiprocessor

This is a newer issue than what the ether update addressed. There were a 
bunch (in round numbers) of postings on this at macfixit and I believe 
there's a TIL on it too that states that there isn't a fix for it yet but 
they're working on it. <sigh> I'd have to hit the web to get you more 
details but time doesn't allow it right at this moment (feel free to 
search though <g>). It's happening with Summer 2000 iMacs too as I recall.

>I can't try moving the backup drive at this time; the G4 has no SCSI card, 
>and I have no other machine available, but I will hope to give this a try 

Ah, so I see weekend work in the making...hostile takeover of some 
unsuspecting users' machine. heh.


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