Thanks for your reply. Why yes, I did order this G4 this summer. I'm forgetting what 
"MP" stands for, though. At any rate, I'm curious as to what the "known issues" you 
refer to are. I did read the Apple TIL #25147 on the Ethernet Update 1.0, which 
describes symptoms not quite like mine:

"Ethernet Update 1.0 addresses an issue where a Macintosh in certain rare network 
configurations may continue to transmit data but not receive data.[In my case, it 
doesn't transmit datal, either] Manually putting the Macintosh to sleep and then 
waking it, or restarting the computer enables it to temporarily reestablish network 
connectivity. After a period of time, which varies by topology and infrastructure, the 
computer again ceases to receive packets. The computer functions normally on isolated 

The Read-Me for Ethernet Update 1.0 also describes a situation not like ours:
"Ethernet Update 1.0 improves the reliability of ethernet in certain rare network 
configurations.  These configurations are typically 10Mbit networks which include coax 
(10Base5 or 10Base2) network segments [We have none of this] in large single collision 
domains ( i.e. not separated by switches ) that use much smaller than standard 
interpacket gaps or have carrier collision dropout.  This update replaces the Mac OS 
ROM file with a new version, 3.8.

Apple System Profiler reports Mac OS ROM 3.9 on our server, so the update would 
seem... like a backdate.

The backup does not stall on the same file each time.

I can't try moving the backup drive at this time; the G4 has no SCSI card, and I have 
no other machine available, but I will hope to give this a try eventually.

Thanks again,


At 4:22 PM -0500 10/16/00, Pam Lefkowitz wrote:
> >4. The G4 does not crash. MOSSA indicates it is still serving via
>>Appletalk, TCP, etc. File server can be stopped, restarted via MOSSA; Mac
>>OS Server Admin Agent can be quit, re-run; file server can be stopped,
>>Appletalk turned off/on, file service restarted. Nevertheless, the G4 can
>>no longer see anything on the network (via Chooser) nor be seen by
>>anything on the network. Only a reboot of the machine restores network
>Does it lose its senses at the same place/file each time?
>Just out of curiosity...which G4 are you using? If it's a G4MP there are
>some known issues with the summer 2000 models dropping ethernet after
>running fine for a good while.
>If it's not a summer model then you could do two things:
>1) move the tape drive to the G4 and see what happens when you back up
>2) move the tape drive to some other machine (not an ASIP server) and see
>what happens with the G4 when you back it up (for that matter, back up
>the G3 ASIP server as a client and see what happens with it as well).
>Maybe these results will help you narrow down where to look for the
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Western High School
Baltimore, MD

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